You can find the general Articles of Association here.

QUKU Committees

What does it mean to be on a committee? 


Members of QUKU can sign up for any committee through, if they have been to at least one event in person. They will then also be “verified” on the discord server. Committee Members do not need to be KU students or alumni.

Representatives from each committee are elected within the committee itself. A Representative joins other relevant committees’ meetings to facilitate easier communication between the committees. 

Members of committees are expected to contribute to each monthly meeting of their committee. Of course things come up, but committee members are expected to attend 90% of the meetings of their respective committees. 

Members of all committees are expected to attend the quarterly Community Meetings. Again, things may come up, but it is important to make an effort to contribute to these meetings. 

It is possible to join more than one committee. 

The Newsletter is written monthly, collectively between the Board, one or multiple people on the Events committee, and one or multiple people on the Promotion committee. The Newsletter is sent out monthly around the 17th of the month to all Active Members using MailChimp. 

The primary email accounts will be read by the board. Each committee also has its own email address for issues specific to that committee. 

Communication between the board and the committees will happen through the discord – this is because discord is essentially like a free version of Slack. It allows the board to easily keep track of 20 channels instead of managing 20 facebook messenger groups. 


The Events committee meets with the board once a month to plan that month’s events. Some members of the Events committee and board will be present at each event. 

During this meeting tasks are divided among committee members, including planning the events themselves, booking venues if needed, deciding who does groceries, and any other practical matters that come up. 

The Events Committee should ideally have at least four members, to be able to easily attend events. Having members from each campus location would be best, to facilitate planning large events around the major exam periods. 

The Representative of the Promotion committee will also be at this meeting. 


Likewise, the Promotion committee meets once a month with the board. The Representative of the Events committee will be present at this meeting. 

During this meeting all graphic design is discussed (for social media and for printed media such as posters), as well as specific written promo (e.g. social media posts, letters to newspapers, etc.) Promo can be related to QUKU in general (such as in the case of the newsletter) and for specific events. 

Social media posting will be divided among members of the board, with ideally one person per medium at least. Because of this, ideally the promotion committee will have at least five people on it: at least one representative, one graphic designer, and one person per medium. But role divisions should be decided within the board.

Direct messages to each account will be answered by either a member of the Board or the specific member of the promotion committee. 

Events should be promoted on each medium (facebook, instagram (posts and stories), and discord), both once per month in a collective post, and more frequently closer to the event. For larger events (e.g. events during Pride, KU Festival, etc.) they should be promoted more frequently. 

The Poster Squad is connected with the promo committee but is not part of it. However, people can or course be part of both. The Representative will coordinate between the Poster Squad and the Promotion Committee.