Representing Queerness and Diversity at Your University!

We at QUKU are dedicated to representing you, the LGBTQIA+ students at the University of Copenhagen, as well as the alumni. Everybody that studies (or used to study) at KU/UCPH can feel more than welcome at our events that are inclusive of all queer identities as well as our Allies. We are also here to help support queer students with advice and support through our QUKU support team. Within Københavns Universitet we hope to improve the LGBTQIA+ policies of the university. And finally we hope to collaborate with other LGBTQIA+ student societies in Copenhagen, Denmark, and beyond 🏳‍🌈

While the majority of our community consists of KU students, anyone who identifies with student life is more than welcome to join us! Basically if you’re queer or an ally, and roughly around student age, we’d love to have you. So this also includes queer students and allies at DIS, ITU, CBS, DTU, AAU Copenhagen, KEA, the Academy of Arts, MUC, CPHBusiness and other institutes of higher education.