Fall Semester 2022

Frej (he/him) – chairperson

Frej is on his first semester of an MA in English, and also on his first semester as chairperson of QUKU. He joined the board in fall 2020, and has been part of QUKU ever since (though he wasn’t a board member in spring 2022). 

Frej has, prior to becoming chairperson, been a general board member and in charge of taking the minutes at board meetings. He has also been part of the group setting up the discord server. This semester he will be part of the QUKU support group as well as admin on the discord server.

Freddie (she/they/he) – vice-chairperson

Frederikke (aka Freddie) is an English student at the second to last semester of their MA. She has been on the QUKU board since spring 2020 and is currently serving their second semester as vice-chairperson.

Historically, Freddie has been the primary manager of our social media, as well as contributed to the creation of misc. graphics for events and social media. This semester they are assisting on social media, but no longer have the primary responsibility.

Jesse (they>any) – treasurer

Jesse (they>any) is a research assistant who works at KU SUND. They graduated from the MSc Human Biology programme in 2021. Jesse is serving their second semester on the board, and their first semester as treasurer. They are also responsible for the website and the email communication.

Flora (she/her) – general board member

Flora (she/her) is an MSc student in the IT & cognition program. She is studying at reduced time, but is currently writing her thesis. She has previously studied at both the faculties of science and humanities and works as a TA at DIKU. This is Flora’s first semester on the board, and she will be serving as a general board member as well as as a member of QUKU Support. She will also be assisting in managing the QUKU Discord server.

Nete (they/them) – general board member

Nete (she/her) is on her second semester in her Master’s in English and History at South Campus. It’s her first semester in the QUKU board, where she act as a general board member. She helps plan events and is a part of QUKU support. She also wishes to help LGBTQ+ people with hidden disabilities.

Elias (they/them) – general board member

Elias (they/them), is an English MA student and board member since spring 2020, but took a break last term for personal reasons. During other semesters they have been responsible for graphics and this semester they are making a fearful return to that, along with SoMe management.

Dani Pernille (they/them) – general board member

Dani Pernille (they/them) is studying their third semester of their Master’s in Social Science and History at both CSS and South Campus. It’s their first semester serving as a QUKU general board member, where they are part of QUKU support as well as being responsible for graphics along with Elias. They will also be responsible for the cozy Christmas event in December.