QUKU has a number of Committees. The committees will be the backbone of QUKU: they make it possible for QUKU to become a large organization that makes big things happen at KU!
Right now we have a Promotion Committee and an Events Committee – the names are quite self-explanatory 😉

Committee membership is open to all Active Members of QUKU – please visit quku.dk/membership to sign up if you are not an Active Member of QUKU yet!

Committee membership can vary in scope – perhaps you’ll join the Promotion Committee just to help put up posters at your campus location, or perhaps you’d like to be there to set up every event of the year 🙂 Or maybe you’d like to just help out with the Pride March, but the remainder of the year you’d just like to attend the events without volunteering at them; whatever the case, if you want to help, there’s a place for you on one of our Committees!
The committees communicate through discord – so it is required to be a Verified Member of the discord as well.

You can contact the specific Committees through their email addresses or through Discord.